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Virtual Hotkeys a New Toolbar Launcher and Keyboard Shortcuts Creator.

Make Virtual Hotkeys, Buttoncommander can do that and it is a new Toolbar Launcher and Keyboard Shortcuts creator all in one. You can on your Windows System, Automate any sort of Computer Movements and use it in any Applications. On this Toolbar you can have Virtual Hotkeys Buttons (click-able button images) that can execute any kind of Keyboard Shortcuts Macro's, the Main Languages is Autohotkey (Freeware). Together with Buttoncommander Automation Software you can improve your workflow and reduce your repettitive Movements. For example you can avoid searching into the menu-bars to find the right Keyboard Shorcuts Combinations instead of that you can Look to that Virtual Hotkey Button and that Picture will explain what function it can do. Click it with your Stylus pen or mouse device, and it is done.

menu bars and toolbars

What is a Virtual Hotkey:

A Virtual Hotkey is a on screen Keycap (Toolbar Button) that can send or execute in one Click a Keyboard Shortcuts Combination (or do Program Function).

What Else can Buttoncommander Automation Software do:

  • You can select any text and push on the Country Flag key Buttons the Computer will Automatic Find out What Browser it must use and Where it can do the Search. - Example:us 50 results.
  • Or you can select any text and do a Translation.
  • You can hear the Sounds Simultane.
  • The Autohotkey Commanding Scripts Can be Executed Simultane..
  • You can Write in the Central Command Editor other Languages scripts,
    examples: .cmd/.bat/.??? files.

Buttoncommander is a Pro Toolbar Launcher & Creator.

You can use it on Any Windows System 32/64 bit (98/xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10)

With this Intuitive Power Tool you are able to Build:

  • Bookmark Toolbars for Browsers like Firefox or Chrome.
  • Universal Toolbars for any Windows Applications.
  • Tasking-bars.
  • Launching-pads.
  • Enterpads.
  • Virtual hotkeyboards.
  • Clip-boards.
  • Internet Search Launchers with query search parameters.
  • And many more.

How to install Buttoncommander.

You will need to first install autohotkey freeware on the windows system.
1 - Here you can Download & install  Autohotkey
2 - Here you can Download & install Buttoncommander

virtual hotkeys

Toolbars that Works On Desktop Computers with Mouse device.

You can Create Handy and Productive Toolbars with multi graphics popup-menu's. Choose a Virtual Hotkey Button on the Toolbar and then Click the Mouse Button to run the Autohotkey Commanding Script. And if you want to Hide or Show that Toolbar you can Click the Right or Middle Mouse Button it will disapear/apear in to the Mouse Pointer. (so that you have always your Toolbar close to your workings area) Push This for Watching  a Tutorial how to Build in 5 minutes a Toolbar.

toolbar with computer

click on virtual key buttons

Toolbars that Works On Windows Tablets with Touch Pen.

Buttoncommander works on any sort of Windows Tablets or Touch-Screen Monitors. (for instance Surface pro Tablet) Click with your left finger a Virtual Hotkey Button and in the same time you can do paint with your touch pen. (without to have to move the touch pen to that Hotkey Button) Push this for Watching a Tutorial about:

Tips to Work Smarter with a Stylus Pen on windows Surface Tablet. painting tool for surface pro tablet

You can Create Toolbars in Two different Ways.

  • First you can Select an Virtual Hotkey Image, then you can place everywhere on that Hotkey Image the Trans-parante Buttons.
    (It can be very useful, the reason is : you are able to make any Picture or Screenshot into a Toolbar Launcher, how Nice is that)
  • Second One is you can fast and very easy, Choose a Virtual Hotkey Button and then Choose a Image file.

Building a Virtual Hotkey Buttons is very Simple:

  1. Create a Hotkey Button > Choose an Image and a Sound File.
  2. Write then in the Central Command Editor the Autohotkey Coding.
    ; [! = Alt] - [+ = Shift] - [# = Win] - [^ = Ctrl]
    send ^!c
  3. and if you Push on that Hotkey Button it will then automatic send the
    Keyboard Shortcut Combo - Ctrl & Alt & c

virtual keys and buttons ....... toolbar button animation

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