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Keystarter Screenshots

In the Design Modus you can show, hide, move, resize, turn any buttons | reload and save it, and you can use it the next time.

think about this : 90% on your desktop,taskbar you have shortcuts link icons that [can not run without focus the windows] with keystarter you can do that.(or choose with window you want to focus)
this means you can [run any prog.  .ahk .bat .exe], [send keystrokes] , [send text], [read/write registry] in any applications with no focus the windows.

3d keystarter

In the vkey program modus, you have 1 central place where you can put almost any scripting code language what you want. [autohotkey, msdos, and many more.]

executable file's like [.ahk .bat .exe .txt] you can use and many more.

examples : send {ctrl}c | run | send text | run calc.exe | run picture.bmp | pause |


virtual keyboard in 3d

In the Move modus you can move or resize the window.

move modus
Here you have a screenshot of the Directory.

with [4 make backup.bat] you can make a backup of the directory.

directory examples
This is a screenshot of the editor.

you can copy, move the bloks or change the parameters of the [button icons] or [keystarter].
use notepad to do more like seaching or replace.

comand editor example

autohotkey launcher tools