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The First Balloon Route By Post.

Instead Like The Traditional Balloon With Card.

This part of website is new, you can use this service for free , and be the first one to use this.

You can download the Balloon Postcard Formulair from Here. Download

Hi i am the Designer of Keystarter 1.0 Software.
You can try out this modern new freeware on any windows system. for more info see Homepage

but i have a great new idea.
you now this :
1 you make a balloon with helium and make a card with your name and adress and let it go.
2 and you want to now how far it goes. (who it find or where it is landed)

my new idea is : (ps — i am searching for an partner, investor or sponsor to make this great idea + my software bigger — you can email me see step 2)
1 you send this postcard by postbode to any adress + email this postcard and let it go.
2 and you can see how far it goes. (Who did send it by postbode and where its goes)

step 1 :
you make 1 or 10 copy's and send it by post, to any adress you like (or other country) (tip: look in phonebook for any adress) (you can copy or download this postcard on
put in the [envelope] >>>> [1 x envelope] + [1 x this postcard (blanco)] + [1 x this postcard]

refnr : 1‑Gmt54at7 tracenr : 1‑Xt375qeBn87
from ———————————————————————-
Firstname :
Streetname without the number :
Province/City :
Country :
to —————————————————————————
Streetname without the number :
Province/city :
Country :
Messages :

messages example : Hi there, i am the first one that try this out and i think my balloon postcard do traveled more then 20037 km.
step 2 : email the text from step 1 to1a
step 3 : see on : where it is — where it goes — what messages they are writing — what the trace status is.

if you do not have interrest to do this give it to your neighbors to the left,please do not put it in the trash they say it gives you 10 jears bad luck. thanks arnold

Status : Balloon Trace Route.

Push one of these buttons to see the status of balloon postcard route by postbode on

Balloon Postcard Route :

Total 1‑tW267qw25

Total 1‑tW267qw25 :
firstname   —          streetname      —         province/city          —         country       —       date     —    messages

arnold — enschede — netherlands — 16/jan/2016 — Hi there, i am the first one that try this out and i think my balloon postcard do traveled more then 20037 km.
pending — Evert van de Beekstraat — netherlands — 16/jan/2016 — pending
pending — Av. Vasco de Quiroga — Del Álvaro Obregón — mexico — 16/jan/2016 — pending
pending — California, Suite — San Francisco — united states — 16/jan/2016  — pending
pending — Rua do Fogo de Santelmo — Lisboa — portugal — 16/jan/2016  — pending
pending — Centro Empresarial La Finca — Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid)  — spain — 16/jan/2016  — pending
pending — quai du Président Roosevelt — monaco — france — 16/jan/2016  — pending
pending — 海淀区,丹棱街5号 — Beijing — china — 16/jan/2016  — pending


Total 2‑tW267qw25

Total 3‑tW267qw25

Example : Screenshot Google Map - visual Balloon Trace Route:

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